'Getting back to normal,' includes the return of a messy day in Roscoe this August.

I'm positive I've told this story one million times but I will keep telling it, because, well, it's about the mud volleyball tournament.

I played in this Roscoe Mud Volleyball tournament twice before I ever knew what 97ZOK was. Not sure why I think that's so funny, but I do.

Michelle, Townsquare Media
Michelle, Townsquare Media

One of my good friends' good friends happened to grow up in the Rockford area and created the mud volleyball team that we played on, two summers in a row we traveled all the way out here... or at least it felt like a long way at the time... to play in what ended up being one of my most fun summer memories as an adult.

Last year, like most fun events, the mud volleyball tournament was canceled, but it's back!

This time around it's Saturday August 7 at Riverside Park in Roscoe. 

The tournament starts at 8 a.m. and they say it 'goes until we have a winner.'

I'm so excited. I started texting people immediately to be on my team. So far I actually have five people so it's a go!

A team entry is $200 and you have to sign waivers before you get ready to get muddy.

The tournament supports Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful.

You can grab up-to-date registration info on their Facebook page. 

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