It's officially the holiday season and if you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, apparently you'll have to leave Illinois.

Don't think you're getting off that easy just heading north, because you won't find a place that would be considered a "magical Christmas town" in Wisconsin either.

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Obviously, I take issue with Town and Country's These Magical Christmas Towns Are Like Stepping Into a Hallmark Movie list.

That's because of the 27 tiny towns mentioned on the list only four are in the midwest (two in Michigan, one in Missouri, and the other in Minnesota).

Not even Chicago was considered as one of the most magical Christmas towns in America.

Beautiful winter night in Chicago.
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How is it with the Christkindlmarket and shopping at Water Tower Place is The Windy City not considered a great Christmas location?

Holiday Market In Chicago Offers Shoppers Seasonal Goods
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Then there's the most glaring omission on the list of them all.

Galena. Spend two seconds in downtown Galena and tell me it doesn't look like it has been carbon copied for every single Hallmark Holiday flick.

Just this weekend is Christmas at the Fort, Corks and Canvas, and Holiday Fire in the Sky.

Visit Galena:

Watch the evening sky come alive with a spectacular show of fireworks to kick off the holiday season in downtown Galena.

Next weekend is the Nights of the Luminaria in Galena and the Saturday before Christmas is the Snowflakes and Sweets Stroll.

Altogether, there's a ton to do in Galena, and with that setting, how could it not be considered a primo candidate for one of the Most Magical Christmas Towns in America?

Galena, Illinois: One of America’s Very Best Christmas Towns

Wouldn't you know it, the most magical time of year also happens to be when this old-fashioned town looks its best.

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