Pretty much every single state in the country has a song written about it. That includes Wisconsin! And I'll bet you'll never guess what it is and who it's by.

I had to shake my head when I found this out because I had ABSOLUTELY no idea this artist was from Wisconsin. Let alone to be the singer of the most famous song about the state.

Stacker created a list labeling the most famous song about each state in the country. Some are more obvious than others. Here are some of the ones in the Midwest that were highlighted -

  • Illinois - "Casamir Pulinski Day" by Sufjan Stevens
  • Iowa - "Iowa Stubborn" by The Music Man (as an Iowan, I find this fitting hahaha!)
  • Minnesota - "Say Shh" by Atmosphere

But what song was highlighted for Wisconsin?

The Most Famous Song About Wisconsin

If you're a true Swiftie, you might go wild about this news because I knew the artist off the bat just seeing his name.

Justin Vernon (lead singer of the band Bon Iver) was born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The origin of the band was also in Eau Claire.

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The band Bon Iver has been pretty well-known for some time. A big moment I remember them for was being featured on Taylor Swift's album folklore on the song "exile." Even just hearing the song title makes me sing "I think I've seen this film before," in my head haha!

They've also made music for major films like Twilight: New Moon where their song "Roslyn" was featured.

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But, their song "Wisconsin" has officially won them the title for the most famous song about the state. Check it out!

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BRB - I'm gonna have to go listen to the song now, which will probably lead me to listen to "exile" for the millionth time.

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