The MegaMillions Jackpot has once again rolled over after no one matched all the numbers from Tuesday night's draw worth $810 million. That means this Friday's drawing will be worth more than $1 billion and that will really get your imagination going.

The fantasy aspect of playing the Lotto is the only really good reason to throw a few bucks at a mega jackpot like the one this upcoming Friday. I hate to break this to you, but you're not going to win the jackpot. The odds are more than 1 in 300 million. That's like if I asked you to guess what number I'm thinking of between 1 and 300 and if you happened to get that right, I made you guess what number I'm thinking of between 1 and 1,000,000. It's not going to happen.

What WILL happen is the minute you buy that $2 ticket, you get to start fantasizing about what you will do when you (obviously) win the jackpot. How quick do you quit your job? Who will you tell? Who will you be giving some money to? Maybe more importantly, who will you NOT give money too.

And then you eventually get what you are going to buy. The sky is literally the limit. Let's say you suddenly have an appetite for collecting property. There are currently 17 listings in Illinois on Zillow for more than $10 million. What if you bought all of them? How much money would you have left?

Let's take a look:

1. 3 W Burton Pl, Chicago - $18,750,000

This is the most expensive property listed in Illinois and a great place to start your real estate spending spree.

2. 800 N Michigan Ave PENTHOUSE 67, Chicago - $15,750,000

You've now added a Michigan Avenue penthouse and you've barely made a dent in your fortune.

Running Total - $34,500,000

3. 451 E Grand Ave #65 - $15,170,000

This rooftop "apartment" is amazing, it has two pool tables, an actual pool, and amenities I've never heard of. A steal at $15 million.

Running Total - $49,670,000

4. 11 E Walton St #5500, Chicago - $15,000,000

Another gorgeous "apartment." This one only has one pool table but they make up for it with an incredible amount of open space.

Running Total - $64,670,000

5. 2700 Point Ln, Highland Park - $14,855,000

This is Michael Jordan's former house that has been famously hard to sell. It's been on the market for years. It turns out that people that pay $15 million for a house DON'T want that house to be plastered with Jordan references everywhere you look. You, with *unlimited* money, will not have to worry about this. Maybe you can even donate it back to Jordan.

Running Total - $79,525,000

6. 501 Seridan Rd, Kenilworth - $14,000,000

This is one of the nicest houses in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the state. Not only will this purchase get you a beautiful house, it will also get you some very powerful neighbors. You'll want to make a good first impression.

Running Total - $93,525,000

7. 700 Crab Tree Ln, Lake Bluff - $13,900,000

This mansion absolutely looks like it belongs on a European countryside. Easily the most beautiful property out of any listing we've discussed so far. This purchase will finally take you over the $100 million mark.

Running Total - $107,425,000

8. 800 N Michigan Ave PENTHOUSE 63, Chicago - $13,500,000

This would be your second penthouse purchase in this Michigan Ave high rise. The other one was a little more expensive and in my opinion much nicer. You can let your friends stay in this one when they visit you in the "nice" penthouse.

Running Total - $120,925,000

9. 11 E Walton St #3400, Chicago $13,250,000

Another multimillion dollar "apartment" in a downtown high rise. There aren't a lot of pictures or information about this property, but this doesn't bother you. You'll still purchase this sight unseen. You enjoy the rush of the gamble.

Running Total - $134,175,000

10. 800 N Michigan Ave PENTHOUSE 66, Chicago - $13,250,000

This will be your third penthouse in the 800 N Michigan building in downtown Chicago. This is another post with no interior photos to preview. It doesn't bother you, you know at this point, you'll definitely forget about at least one of these penthouses in the next year.

Running Total -  $147,425,000

11. 77 Stone Gate Ln, Lake Forest - $12,500,000

You're amazed that you can get this kind of a property for almost a million less than half a floor of a Chicago high rise. This gorgeous property on Lake Michigan is loaded with features that you simply won't find anywhere else. You will probably spend most of your time at this house.

Running Total - $159,925,000

12. 1500 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago - $12,000,000

A rare expansive property that's less than a mile away from downtown Chicago. The interior of this one looks like a castle. This will be the house you host large parties. Close enough to downtown, but all your guests can still get their own room.

Running Total - $171,925,000

13. 11 E Walton St #3700, Chicago - $11,500,000

attachment-BRILLIANT! (59)

Your second property in this building. It is one of the less impressive properties on this list. You can send the kids down there to sleep. Don't worry, you have hired a full time baby sitter to watch them while you do adult things in the "good" condo.

Running Total - $183,425,000

14. 2700 N Lakeview Ave, Chicago - $11,500,000

You are ecstatic to purchase this house. It reminds you of the house in The Royal Tennenbaums. You better count your guests on their way in and out of this house because it would be real easy to lose someone in this monstrous mansion.

Running Total - $194,925,000

15. 159 E Walton Pl, Chicago - $10,900,000

This is a great property with very nice views of the lake. Unfortunately, you already own 7 properties like this or nicer. You will visit this property once and never return. This purchase has put you over the $200 million mark.

Running Total - $205,825,000

16. 363 E Wacker Dr #8201, Chicago - $10,800,000

You love this property for one very unique reason. Where else can you go to the bathroom in front of a huge window that overlooks the city from 80 stories in the air?

attachment-BRILLIANT! (63)


Running Total - $216,625,000

17. 1112 Shamrock Ct, Naperville - $10,500,000

attachment-BRILLIANT! (64)

This is the only property you will buy that is technically outside of the "Chicagoland area" and you're amazed by how far your dollar can go when you leave the confines of the city. This is a 21,700 sqft house that will take you years to fully explore.

Final Total - $227,125,000

So there you go. You've now acquired the 17 most expensive listings in Illinois and you've only spend a quarter of a billion dollars. What will you do with the rest of your money?

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