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It’s too early to tell whether five confirmed or likely cases of the measles in Illinois are related to Disneyland, but they’re all from the same day care center, a KinderCare in Palatine.

“It’s a serious disease,” says Dr. Nirav Shah, acting director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. “It causes a very painful rash; sore, sore eyes; runny nose; it’s like the flu amped up on steroids.”

Shah says the five children affected are under the age of 12 months, at which a baby gets his or her first measles shot. At least one would have been exposed to someone with the illness. It remains under investigation how they may have gotten the illness, and to whom they may have passed it.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Anybody who has not been immunized has been asked to stay away from that day care center.

Shah says parents who do not believe in getting their kids vaccinated are ignoring science.

This year’s first measles case in Illinois was confirmed last week.

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