We here at WROK are huge dog people and we need your help finding a lost pooch.

If you have a dog you have undoubtedly lost him or her at one point. I have 2 huskies and they're good for one escape a year. The longest they've gone missing is 2 hours (they were next door, hopped our fence and then they were trapped) and it was agony. Maxie up here has been gone since Thursday and I can't imagine the torture her owners are going through.

Here's an excerpt from her owner's reddit post.

Maxie is only three years old and super friendly. She went missing last Thursday. She was last seen at 413 S. Central Ave.  She is 45 pounds and has a surgery scar on her tummy. If seen or found please contact Jeff at javima27@gmail.com.

Hopefully Maxie is found shortly and returns home safe and sound. A link to the reddit post can be found here.