In a few weeks, the Milwaukee Brewers are doing something no Major League Baseball team has done before. They're getting the chance to have their presence felt with a massive billboard in the heart of downtown Chicago, a.k.a Cubs' territory.


FOX Sports hosted a nationwide "Ultimate MLB Fan Bracket" contest with the grand prize being a billboard representing the winning team's fan base being planted in the spot of their choice. This is not a new contest, past winners include Chicago White Sox and a Buffalo Bills billboarded right in the middle of Patriots' territory, according to The Big Lead.


For this year's bracket, the victor is Milwaukee Brewers. And, as the saying goes, to the victors go the spoils. And, now, the team hailing from where many Chicago Cubs' fans call "Wrigley North", is about to give the Cubbies and their fans a taste of their own medicine.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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So Milwaukee Brewers gets the win and asked their fans where the billboard should go and included Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis; all of which are division rivals. Not surprisingly, Chicago received the most votes, nearly three times more than St. Louis, according to Milwaukee Journal.

The 'Brew Crew' chose deep in downtown Chicago as the home for their "Best Fans in Baseball" billboard. Let's hope the billboard isn't crooked, full of grammatical errors, or upside because Wisconsin is the drunkest state in the country, after all.

The billboard will pop up at North La Salle Drive and West Grand Avenue, in downtown Chicago, on August 9, 2021, just in time for a weekend series between Chicago and Milwaukee.

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