I live in a home full of spider...haters. Seriously, arachnophobia is an issue for at least two of the three people I live with. My daughter can have her ear-buds blasting away with her favorite music, oblivious to everyone and everything, and all someone would have to do is whisper "Is that a spider?" from 3 blocks away and she'll leave a cartoon-like silhouette through the nearest wall as she departs at somewhere around the speed of sound. My son is somewhat better, but...not much. He'd at least open the door before running out screaming.

Big spiders, little spiders...it doesn't matter, they hate them all. Even really cool jumping spiders like the  Hyllus giganteus, the largest jumping spider in the world.

When your kids get older, you, as a parent, find yourself with fewer and fewer options for punishing them when they step out of line. Sometimes, you just have to post something like this, before telling them you ordered a couple from the internet:

Let's see, with free shipping, they should arrive by Friday. Unless a couple of people I know get their rooms cleaned.

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