Whatever your romantic plans are for Valentine's Day, they pale in comparison to the 40-year effort put together by 74-year-old Bill Bresnan.

The New Jersey resident has written a love letter to his wife Kirsten every day since 1975. And she's kept them all! There are more than 10,000 letters filed chronologically in 25 boxes at their home:

Bresnan hasn't stopped yet, either. He continues writing to this day. How did the whole thing start?

The daily expressions of love began as notes scribbled on napkins and small pieces of paper he gave to his wife over coffee while commuting together shortly after they met, Bresnan said.

Their relationship blossomed. They had a simple wedding in the city and have lived happily ever after since, he said.

Bresnan's never a missed giving Kirsten a card, he said. Even when they're away, he makes sure to send postcards or write letters in advance.

I just sent my wife flowers this year. Do you think that's good enough?


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