Think you can devour 'The Godfather?'

Mamma Mia's, the home of 'The Don,' is now the home of 'The Godfather.'

Are you ready for this?

Late last night, Mamma Mia's started an Instagram story with an enormous beef sandwich.

I'm talking HUGE.

The story said they were unleashing a new food challenge in Rockford, but didn't give too many details other than there being a cash prize.

Being a food and Instagram lover, you know I checked the Mamma Mia's page and story three times before I went to bed but didn't see much else, so I went to bed.

Then, this morning, we were all introduced to 'The Godfather.'


The 18- inch sandwich is packed with Italian sausage, Italian beef, mozzarella cheese, and giardiniera, plus au jus and french fries.

You could score up to $1,000, if, you know, you can handle that kind of challenge.

Sweet Lenny and I attempted 'The Don,' and lived to eat again, so I'm sure if beef sandwiches are your fave, you can give 'The Godfather' a shot.

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