Two of NBC's top dramas, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, are looking for extras for not one but two big scenes. Specifically, the casting team is looking for people from Illinois or its surrounding states.

Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC, One Chicago Via Facebook

Having been an extra on Chicago Fire myself I can tell you it is a fun day, yes plan on being gone an entire day.

This is certain if you live an hour or more from where they are filming for the scene you may be a part of.

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On the day I was used as an extra our holding area ('sit and wait' spot) was inside Soldier Field where there were plenty of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks readily available, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

One Chicago Via Facebook

As far as specifics about the scenes, there will be two and they are BIG. is a Winter Festival for Chicago Fire, and one is a Christmas festival for Chicago Med.

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Similar to my experience, this will be an "all-day" affair beginning in the afternoon until about midnight.

One Chicago Via Facebook

Both our shows have big days of extras coming up. Both will be working outside and fun, fun, fun!

They're also casting kids as young as 5 years old.


It's very easy to "audition," if you will. All you need to do is send some photos, your age, etc., (stats), and your phone number to this email.

If you're selected let us know and take every opportunity to enjoy the behind-the-scenes magic.

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