CHICAGO (AP) — Ride-share company Lyft will pay a $10,000 fine for not alerting the city of Chicago about a suspended driver who was working for Uber when he allegedly killed a cab driver.

Lyft admitted it violated Chicago municipal code requiring ride-share companies to notify the city when they deactivate drivers. City officials say the ordinance is intended to flag dangerous drivers so they can't work for other companies.

Lyft was hit with the maximum penalty for failing to report it deactivated driver Fangqi Lu for punching a passenger in July 2018.

Lu was working for Uber on Sept. 2, 2018 when he argued with Anis Tungekar, a 64-year-old taxi driver. Attorney Michael Gallagher, who represents Tungekar's family, said Lu kicked the victim in the head causing him to fall unconscious and die.

Chicago police issued a warrant for Lu's arrest in Tungekar's killing, but officials say he has fled to China.

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