Update: We have been informed that the house has been sold.

This ranch house in Loves Park looks pretty unassuming. Just your standard $150K house in a decent neighborhood.

The listing for the house is pretty run of the mill:

Realtor.com - Beautiful great room ranch in great Loves Park area.  Hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, gas or wood-burning fireplace in great room.  Master bath has heated whirlpool tub. Wonderfully decorated and spotlessly clean. Huge rec room in lower level and then here comes the backyard! In-ground pool, tiki bar, fenced for privacy.

They hint to it in the description when they get really excited for the pool. Let's take a look at what they're talking about.

Now that's a really well-decorated pool. You could host a decent party out there. Now while this is a nice pool, it's not blog-worthy. What makes it special you ask? Could it be this sweet frog statue?

While nice. Still not blog-worthy. Maybe it was the tiki bar?

We're getting warmer. First off, these guys like to party. The Old Style sign in the corner is a big tip off. If that didn't convince you then the huge Margaritaville sign gave it away. Nothing says "I like to party" quite like an homage to that tropical obsessed lunatic, Jimmy Buffet.

The real reason for this blog is hidden in that tiki bar. Let's take a closer look.



I'm no forensic scientist but I'm pretty sure those are tighty-whities. I get the bra. That's fun and whimsical. Tighty-whities? All I can think of is Walter White in Breaking Bad. Not the epitome of sexiness. Do they come with the house? I'm sure you could haggle.

Since you made it to the end of this blog I want to share another picture from this house that I can't understand.

What's going on down here? You have two Christmas trees. One doesn't have a top and the other is too tall for the room. Then there's some sort of fake palm tree in the middle. Is this supposed to go outside?  It looks kind of like a low rent marriage altar. Perhaps there were some weird ceremonies down here. I'm not one to speculate. If you have any ideas feel free to share.