Only in Illinois can you find a town that has has underground tunnels that were used in the 1800's...that people now call the "Seven Gates of Hell." Buckle up kids, this one gets weird, fast.

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Collinsville, IL was a small mining town in the 1800's so these underground tunnel to transport product were built. Bridges, tunnels, railways, it all makes sense.

As the years have gone by, trees and bushes have covered up all the "gates" which as you know, wooded areas equal pure evil.

Now let's dive into the stories and legends of these tunnels. Satanic rituals, paranormal activity, KKK meetings, you name is and according to "legend" it has happened at these gates. are two big ones, these are the urban legends that has everyone curious and freaked out. raulersongirlstravel

1. "If you drive through each gate in order from one to seven, and you go through the final gate exactly at midnight, a portal from Hell will open." 

2. "If you drive through the gates in reverse, from 7 to 1, a tear, in reality, will appear.  You get a view into Hell in your rearview mirror."

Now these gates, look like "normal" old train crossing bridges over the roads. Nothing too creepy with a look at these things in daylight.  The bridges have been spray painted and tagged pretty good. Certain gates come with their own stories. Mostly drug related stuff.

This has road trip written all over it. You drive through some underpasses....what's the worst that could happen? Oh wait, we get shipped off TO HELL!

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