If you are in charge of lawn maintenance, whether you rent or own, there is an important law you must remember. This isn't a suggestion or common courtesy.


This is an absolute must if you're mowing alongside any public roadway. And, while it may seem tedious and "not that big of a deal" it must be done. Failing to do is dangerous and illegal.


Whether you're using a push mower or a riding mower it is imperative that you clean all grass clipping from the road.

It's not my property so it's not my problem. - Careless Lazy Person

That idea could not be more inaccurate but, if a motorcyclist crashes because of the grass clipping you are in for some serious trouble. It could cost you some severe fines.

Closeup of mower cutting the grass

How can grass cause a motorcycle to crash?

It's not rocket science... unless it's completely fried, grass contains water. That's problem #1 on roadways. Add in the fact that anything loose on the road can cause tires to slip. In Illinois, it is against the law to leave grass clipping on the road no matter what.

It's called littering and, yes, grass clipping counts as litter according to Illinois General Assembly.

This Act is, therefore, necessary to provide for uniform prohibition throughout the State of any and all littering on public or private property so as to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of this State.

It's not worth the fines and definitely not worth risking the lives of motorcycle riders.

If caught by the state, you could face big fines. A first offense littering charge would land you a $1,500 fine. A third offense could mean a $25,000 fine. - NewsChannel20

If you're capable of mowing your yard with a push mower you should be capable of cleaning up the clipping on the street. If you're using a rider but have trouble walking, try to blow the grass back onto your property. If you simply can not do it, ask someone for help.

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