Sure Kyle Schwarber is a little busy this week with the Home Run Derby and all, but maybe next week he can help out his biggest little fan.

Meet Ava.

She is 7. She is missing her two front teeth and she is the biggest Kyle Schwarber fan you'll ever meet.

She's also my niece, so it's in her blood to love the Cubs.

Why does she love Kyle? We have no idea, honestly, because this love started when she was like four years old.


Ava stuck by him when people thought he would get traded, when he was injured almost all of the World Series season and now that he's awesome again she can't wait to cheer him on for the rest of the year.

But, before the end of the year, she's hoping to hear back from him. She's waited for him outside of Wrigley before but this is her first attempt to write him a letter.


She sent him one of his baseball cards to sign and hopefully send back, but just in case she bought another card to keep at home.

Fingers crossed for you, little Cubs fan! C'mon Kyle!

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