No word if anyone was even supposed to be working today. 

I've always liked the vibe over at Magpie and this little nod to a cinema classic fits right in with the whole aesthetic.

If you haven't seen Clerks. First, go do that.

Now you'll recognize this shot from the opening of the movie.


Even though you didn't ask. Here are my 10 ten Kevin Smith films.

  1. Clerks
  2. Dogma
  3. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
  4. Mallrats
  5. Zach and Miri Make a Porno
  6. Clerks II
  7. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
  8. <getting hit by a bus>
  9. Jersey Girl
  10. Yoga Hoosiers

This might be my favorite scene in movie history.

That was the first time I ever heard someone talk like that in a movie. Is the acting good? Nope and that's the appeal. That WAS you and your buddies just bouncing ridiculous ideas off one another in a judgment-free zone.

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