The biggest song on the planet right now was performed beautifully at Ye's Sunday Service with some lyrical changes to honor Virgil Abloh.

Adele's Easy On Me has been the most-streamed and top-selling song over the last few weeks. It's also the most-heard hit on the radio.

During Kanye's Sunday Service on November 30, his choir performed the song with a couple changes.

The performance was dedicated to Kanye's long-time creative director, Virgil Abloh, who passed away on that very same day.

Virgil grew up in Rockford, Illinois and graduated from Boylan High School in 1998.

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 Kanye West Choir Pays Tribute to Virgil Abloh with a reworking of Adele’s Easy On Me

In the first verse, they sang:

“I know your love flows like a river

And I could wash myself in it forever

I know there is hope in these waters

But I can’t bring myself to swim

When I am drowning in my sin.

Go easy on me, father."

Adele's first verse:

"There ain't no gold in this river

That I've been washin' my hands in forever

I know there is hope in these waters

But I can't bring myself to swim

When I am drowning in this silence

Baby, let me in

Go easy on me, baby"

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The choir also reworked the Easy on Me chorus:

“I am still your child

And I need a chance to

Feel your love around.”

Adele sings:

"I was still a child

Didn't get the chance to

Feel the world around me."

As if this song didn't already give you goosebumps, wait until you hear this choir.

More touching tributes to Virgil Abloh HERE.

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