While in D.C. last week we were joined on the show by Kris Kobach, the current Secretary of State of Kansas. He's one of the leading voices on efforts to enforce immigration laws and enact voter ID laws in the U.S.

Multiple polls show that Voter ID is an issue that 70+ percent of Americans think is a good idea. One of the main arguments by some against the measure is that voter fraud simply is not a problem.

Despite the denials, Kobach pointed us to a clear-cut case in Kansas City. In fact there are two incidents of voter fraud in one race. Kobach told us that in a contest decided by a single vote, election officials provided sworn affidavits after the fact that they witnessed at least 50 Somali nationals who voted and who were coached on who to vote for outside the polling place.

Meanwhile, the winning candidate's aunt and uncle pleaded guilty in 2013 to voter fraud. They admitted they illegally claimed a Kansas City address in order to vote in the  primary in August 2010.

Kris Kobach

Kobach says we also should be careful about mail-in ballots, which he argues have the greatest possibility for fraud issues:

In America...we all have a shared interest in our elections being fair so that we can all agree at the end of Election Day that the result was a fair one, we can all walk away and say our system works. When elections are being stolen we don't have that confidence. And that's why in Kansas I've been pushing...we have photo ID now, we have security for mail-in ballots. It's not rocket science; we can solve this problem.

Here's the full interview, in which we also talk about Arizona's immigration laws and a recent big win in U.S. District Court regarding a state's power to determine voter qualifications: