I am not an expert. I don't say "we" when I talk about the Chicago Bears. But the Chicago Bears 100% should start rookie quarterback Justin Fields week one. Oh, and call me "bro" if you want, it's cool.

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I watched the highlights of the first Chicago Bears preseason game, and the entire second half last weekend. Yes, oh yes, that was all I needed to see.

I am totally on board with Justin Fields starting week number one of the regular season. The offensive line is bad, he needs to sit and watch for a while, you can't start a rookie right off the bat. Those all sound like "legit" reasons to NOT start him, but c'mon man.

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He's a smart, gifted, fast, talented, special player that would be just fine thrown into the fire. What is he gonna learn behind Andy Dalton? Um...anyone?

I believe that Coach Nagy wants Fields to start, but he has to stay the course and "do what's right" by management. He knows Justin Fields is better. He knows he's a next level athlete. But...they promised Dalton the starting gig and $10 million.

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So we pose this question to you. Should Justin Fields Start Week Number One For the Chicago Bears?

I can't wait to see the results. True diehard Bears fans have NEVER seen a QB like this in Chicago, so I'm guessing this will be an overwhelming "YES" response.

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