These blunders are hot-larious.

Okay, that joke was horrible, but they're no worse than some of the slip-ups, mistakes and gaffes you can see reporters from all over the country -- and the world -- make in the month of July.

From not realizing their microphone is off and charming videbombers to Pokemon Go-focused anchors and reporters bugged by, well, bugs and battling a severe case of the giggles, these professionals ability to deliver under duress was certainly put to the test.

There's also Brian Williams' laughable struggles with Hall & Oates and the reporter fending off a racist woman to the anchor who may need hand surgery and reporter who may have just found her soul mate, these on-air personalities were met with all kinds of challenges that they may have never foreseen while working on the journalism degrees.

The good news? They were all caught on camera for all of eternity, allowing us to enjoy the buffoonery.

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