You're no doubt as stunned as I am at hearing the news of someone filing a lawsuit against a fast-food joint.

Okay, maybe neither one of us is actually stunned. Or shocked. Or even a little bit surprised. Fast food lawsuits are as American as the drive-through apple pie you burned your mouth on and and then sued over it.

Granted, some of the lawsuits we've seen filed against fast food companies over the years have been completely and totally legitimate (especially the woman who sued McDonald's over a hot coffee burning incident back in 1994), but many of the lawsuits have left people scratching their heads.

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Before Getting To The Joliet Woman's Claims Against Chick-Fil-A, Let's Take A Look At Some Unusual Fast Food Lawsuits That Have Come Before

As I mentioned earlier, when most people think about a fast food lawsuit, they think about when Stella Liebeck’s McDonald’s coffee spilled all over her when she was trying to remove the lid.

Some other notable suits:

  • Young girl receives 2nd degree burns from a hot chicken nugget that wedged between her leg and the car seat. Parents sued for $15 million, ended up with $800,000.
  • Man with ruler sues Subway over the length of their foot-long subs. Case ended up being dismissed.
  • Man claimed to have choked on a piece of Popeyes' fried chicken after the fast-food chain failed to give him a knife to cut it. They only gave him a "spork." The lawsuit was dropped by the man and his family after they began receiving "extreme" comments.
  • Woman claimed that she found a human finger in a bowl of Wendy's chili. Turns out that she put it there herself so she could sue Wendy's. The finger came from a friend of her husband, who got it from a guy who lost it in an industrial accident.
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This Particular Lawsuit Is A Negligence Lawsuit Against The Chick-Fil-A Located At 2705 Plainfield Road In Joliet

Maybe it's just my own personal bias, but I get suspicious of someone who files a lawsuit demanding a gigantic sum of money over something that doesn't appear to merit that kind of payout. A chipped tooth due to a bone in a piece of hamburger has got to suck, but is it really worth millions of dollars?

In this particular case involving the Joliet woman and Chick-Fil-A, she and her attorneys aren't asking for what I would consider to be an outrageous sum. They're suing for $50,000.

To break it all down, the Joliet woman walked into her local, newly-opened Chick-Fil-A and got her foot caught in a floor mat near the doorway, causing her to trip and fall to the ground.

The Joliet Chick-fil-A customer sustained "severe and permanent injuries, both externally and internally, and was and will be hindered and prevented from attending to her usual duties and affairs and has lost, and will, in the future lose, the value of that time as aforementioned," her lawsuit noted.

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