I've never been there, but it sure seems like there's always something interesting/technologically advanced/cool happening in Dubai. Whether it's building the world's tallest building, creating a man-made island that looks like a palm leaf, or letting Vin Diesel wreck half the city by driving cars out of skyscrapers (wait, that was a movie), Dubai has a lot going on.

Now, you can add guys wearing jetpacks (Jet Men) flying around to greet incoming airliners. Okay, they're not actually greeting planes. This was a joint venture between Emirates Airways and Yves Rossy, a famed Swiss pilot and inventor of an individual jetpack with carbon fiber wings. Yves and fellow Jet Man Vince Reffet carefully planned out the visuals using their own cameras and those mounted on a helicopter to capture their flight. It's all real, but it really does look like a Hollywood special effect.

Here's how they did it:

And if you're intrigued, here more of Yves Rossy doing what he does:


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