This is less a story about the failure of Notre Dame and more a story on the savages from Arkansas.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a Jello shot, it's pretty simple. You make Jello in the traditional way but swap out some of the water for liquor. The liquor is usually vodka but it can be anything. I would avoid any that are made with Everclear, but you can do what you want.

They're big with the 20-something crowd. At least they were when I was a 20-something and judging by this tote board at the College World Series in Omaha, they're still a thing.

This is what the tote board looked like just two days prior.

And yes, the fact that there is a Twitter account dedicated solely to following the Jello shot challenge is empirically funny.

The idea is pretty genius. You sell Jello shots, that probably cost you a quarter to make for $4.50 to highly competitive college-aged fan bases. You make them compete against each other for a prize of... nothing. And watch the profits roll in.

Just by adding up the numbers in the latest update you get a total of 7,922 jello shots sold over the course of a week. At $4.50 a pop that equals an extra $35,649 in Jello income. Not too shabby.

Notre Dame shouldn't be ashamed, their total of 362 is honorable. The previous record was 832, so the numbers put up by Arkansas and Ole Miss are simply preposterous. And very impressive.

Never underestimate the drinking abilities of college kids, you'll lose every time.

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