These guys are proving that the term "Criminal Mastermind" is an oxymoron. 

These fine three lads thought that they'd help themselves to some free stuff at the Walmart in Janesville. Now the police are looking for them.

Unfortunately for these guys, it looks like Walmart invested in some high-quality security cameras. I mean that's almost 4K quality.

If you know who these guys are please give the Janesville police a hand and give them a ring at 608-756-3636. Crime Stoppers is involved so there might be a cash reward in your future.


The quality of these pictures reminded me of when I used to work in the restaurant business. One of the stores I worked at used VHS tapes to record its surveillance footage. We used the same 7 tapes, one for each day, for about 5 years. King Kong could have robbed us at one point and you wouldn't be able to identify him with the quality of our footage. It's been upgraded since but they really dodged a bullet for those 5 years.

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