This story is loaded. Literally. 

David Dutcher, 41, or Janesville is having a bad day. Earlier this morning he was arrested for his seventh (7!) OWI. How someone is able to even rack up that many OWIs is beyond me.

MyStateline - Authorities say the deputy approached the vehicle and found Dutcher inside the vehicle wearing nothing but his underwear. Officers say Dutcher was displaying erratic behavior while talking to the deputy and did not know where he was or could not explain how he got to his location.

I don't know how I got here officer, must have been magic. That excuse never flies.

Other highlights include:

Dutcher later admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

That checks the hard drugs box. How'd the sobriety test go?

Officers say they attempted to perform a sobriety test, but Dutcher did not perform the test.

That's drunk. Can't even begin to walk heel-toe. We've all been there, just never behind the wheel.

Mr. Dutcher obviously has a problem and I hope he gets the help he needs. In the meantime, can we try to keep him off the roads Wisconsin? It makes your "F.I.B." insults ring a little hollow.

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