If your quest to find love on dating apps keeps failing, call Robert, "Wisconsin's #1 Eligible Bachelor'!

Wisconsin Man Takes His Quest For Love to New Heights

I have not had to experience this modern age of dating and the horror stories that come with dating apps, but I fully understand it's a rough go.

Going on bad dates used to be the biggest problem singles had to deal with, but now they have to deal with scammers, liars, catfishers, etc...it's enough to make anyone's head spin. So what do you do when dating apps and websites fail at helping you find true love?

Buy a billboard like Robert in Janesville, Wisconsin did!

According to WISC-TV, Robert Siegfried is a 43-year-old, Country music-loving man from Janesville who has tried every dating app or website there is; Match, Tinder, Facebook...he's tried them all and still hasn't found his "person".

Instead of giving up on love completely, Robert decided to try something unique...buy a billboard.

Now, I totally applaud Robert for thinking outside the box, but I can't help but feel like it's an open invitation to all the crazies out there too, and I'm kinda right.

Siegfried recently told WISC-TV;

You'd be surprised at how many pictures I'm getting. It's crazy. It's just like, oh, man, next, next, next, next, next.

Siegfried's unique dating attempt has definitely gone viral, but as of yet, Robert hasn't found the woman he is looking for. He says the ad will be hitting more billboards throughout the Janesville area soon, and I truly hope he finds his soul mate.

How Did Robert Siegfried Get the 'Wisconsin's #1 Eligible Bachelor' Title?

Honestly, my favorite part of this whole story is how Robert Siegfried earned the title of "Wisconsin's #1 Eligible Bachelor'. Did he win a contest? Get the most votes? Nope, he gave himself the title, because who's to say he's not? (LOL! I love your confidence, Robert!)

Listen to our conversation with the man we are now calling "Billboard Bob"...

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