Shopping trips can sometimes seem tedious and spark negative emotions. Depending on which parking lot you're in you may hear music playing faintly in the background. Sometimes at major malls, you'll hear joyful music coming from speakers, especially during the Christmas shopping season. Other times you might hear and see music being played in the parking lot. While it may seem soothing and intriguing, take a closer look before tossing a few bucks at the performer. Faux musicians are popping up in Illinois and attempting to yank your heartstrings.

Popping up again?

Yes, this isn't the first time this has happened (and probably won't be the last). In 2021, a similar scene played out on the same block at a shopping center parking lot in the northern Illinois area. I might be wrong about this, and with fairness, it can be considered an assumption, but I'm positive there was tomfoolery happening again, duping nearby shoppers.

A "violin player" was spotted near Target in Rockford. Unfortunately the music started playing before he began fiddling (Credit: Townsquare Media)
A "violin player" was spotted near Target in Rockford. Unfortunately, the music started playing before he began fiddling (Credit: Townsquare Media)

You can read about how I was able to spot the scam including the sign posted nearby asking for donations.


Arguing against the fact that the young man was not playing the violin would pose a challenge considering there's a video.

(Note: There was a speaker outside of the van connected to wires inside.)

Much like the "violinist," another performer was spotted nearby in front of Home Goods in Rockford. Like the young person in the photo above, someone was also playing an instrument with someone standing close by holding a similar sign. This time, it was an accordion.

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I'm not a musical instrument expert and I have no clue how to play the accordion but something seems off. It looks as if he's using the same keys over and the compression and expansion of the bellows don't appear to flow with the sound. Again, I'm not an expert but something is fishy.

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