Wisconsin football fan, you need to let things go. Let the past be the past and move on from disgruntled relationships.

I'm talking about your problems with self-proclaimed Chicago Bears owner Aaron Rodgers.

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Considering all the times he put his foot in his mouth, all the negative attention he brought to your beloved Packers, and all his crying, you would think there would have been more celebration when you learned he was leaving.

But, no, y'all are still salty and still crying when you should be in full-on Jordan Love mode. I'd be bummed if I were your QB, giving all your attention to A-a-ron.

Credit: Green Bay Packers, YouTube
Credit: Green Bay Packers, YouTube

What are you talking about, we're so over him.

No, you're not.

What's crazy is I don't recall this flack when Rodgers' predecessor left the land of cheese and fireworks. (BTW, what's with your past QBs stirring up all sorts of controversy?)

But I digress, you're disdain for your most recent Super Bowl Champion QB could actually pay off.

A bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is willing to cover the cost of your empty beer mugs (which will probably be filled with tears) if Aaron Rodgers blows a game for the New York Jets and the team loses.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Jack's American Pub says they will pay for your drinks when the Jets lose but there's a catch, no pun intended.

First, your tab has to be opened 15 minutes before the game starts, you have to be there for the entire Jets game, and Aaron Rodgers has to be the starter.


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Food is not covered, only drinks. Oh, and the kicker... the deal is not valid during Packer's games, which means 13 weeks of hope, not counting preseason and playoffs.

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