Where can you go if you want to watch a Chicago Sky or an Indiana Fever game on TV and grab a drink and some food?

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One woman became so annoyed because she was always begging area bar owners to turn on women's professional sports, that she decided to open up a bar that's dedicated to women's sports.

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According to Block Club Chicago, the new bar will have the feel of being a "middle finger to traditional sports bars," and include things like "espresso martinis and prosecco on draft."

Nora McConnell-Johnson is getting closer to opening Babe's, a women's sports-focused bar and restaurant in Humboldt Park. McConnell-Johnson is a former Women's Rugby player and coach, who hopes to open the new bar by the end of this year.

When it's completed, she imagines the space as "bright and well-curated, with room for viewing games and for socializing." A plan to include a patio is also in discussion.

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