The world has turned crazy because you never know when violence is going to pop up even in a chill Wisconsin town like Madison.

Employee And Customer Injured During Act Of Violence At Wisconsin Restaurant 

Over the weekend, a woman in Madison was having a late-night meal at one of her favorite restaurants. As she was trying to enjoy her food, the girl was approached by two men. I'm guessing they were hitting on her and she wasn't having it because all of a sudden they got really angry.

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The two men started yelling and screaming at the poor woman. An employee of the restaurant came over to help the lady. The two suspects started beating him up. Then they grabbed the girl and threw her through the front window of the place. Luckily, neither victim was seriously injured. Both of the bullies were arrested. Hopefully, they'll do some time for those stupid actions.

Violence At Madison Restaurant

According to,

Police arrested two people, ages 22 and 26, on suspicion of attacking the woman and hitting an employee at the marijuana-themed sandwich shop on the 400 block of W. Gilman Street Downtown, said Stephanie Fryer, a police spokesperson.


The woman, who suffered minor injuries, was sitting in the restaurant around 10 p.m. and was assaulted after a "brief conversation" with the two, Fryer said. The employee had tried to break-up the fight when the person was struck.

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Ironic Twist To This Story

The name of the restaurant was the Cheba Hut. It has a marijuana theme. I thought weed was supposed to chill people out. Apparently, not for these two blockheads in Wisconsin.

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