There are so many street signs posted on Illinois roads, sometimes it's hard to tell them apart but recently one caught my eye and made me crack up.

Funny Street Sign In Rockford, Illinois

Have you noticed lately how many street signs are posted along every road in Illinois? It's freakin' ridiculous. Half of them nobody knows what they even mean. Plus, they all blend in together, sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.

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I do get excited when I see a unique street sign, especially if it gives me a chuckle. Creativity is king in my world. Recently, I saw one that was hilarious. It was right here in Rockford in the 500 block of East State Street in downtown. I was surprised to see it in that spot too.

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A little side note first, which does pertain to the sign. Another thing that I've noticed a lot more lately is trash. There are so many litter bugs in this town and gets me kind of angry. Why can't people just throw away their garbage? Your mother isn't there to pick up after you.

Okay, now has come the big moment. The unveiling of the funniest street sign in Illinois located in Rockford. It's like a block away from city hall in a high-traffic area. I think that location was chosen for a reason.

Street Sign
Rockford Street Sign (Double T)

How funny is that sign? I wonder how many people have noticed it. I wish everyone would read and follow it. Things would be a lot more fun. I borrowed a few street signs back in the day but this would be an awesome addition.

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