When it comes to using public restrooms, it's good to know that there are nice facilities available for your use.

Experiencing Public Restrooms In Wisconsin

It's a reality of life. If you leave your house on a consistent basis, at some point you're going to have to use a public restroom. It's always good to know that there are plenty of toilets available when needed and that the facilities are decent.

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Unfortunately, I don't think Rockford is where it should be with public restrooms. First of all, there doesn't seem to be enough. Also, the facilities are definitely not the most user-friendly. The Forest City could definitely work on it.

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Wisconsin Public Restroom Rated #1 In United States

Wisconsin City Is Number One In United States For Public Restrooms

I'm not surprised that Madison is setting the standard when it comes to public restrooms. The popular Wisconsin city is pretty much top-rated for every category. I would consider it a really good place to live. It's great to know if you have to go. There are plenty of nice facilities for you to take advantage of.

According to madison.com, 

Madison is the number one city when it comes to public toilets in the United States according to the public toilet index. Mad-Town has thirty-five public toilets for every one-hundred-thousand residents. That might not seem like a lot but in America, the average is just eight. No wonder you can never find one.

Madison Parks Superintendent Eric Knepp said the ranking is another testament to Madison being a top place to live. "We have a great set of public services, parks included, but just in total, and we're glad to be recognized for it."

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