Get ready for the ultimate movie viewing experience with the largest screen in Illinois.

There's Much Improvement In Illinois Movie Theaters

I appreciate the convenience of watching movies at home through a streaming service but I'm sorry, the experience just isn't the same. I still much rather go to the theater to enjoy my favorite films. Going to the actual show is so much better, especially if it's one of the modernized ones. Movie theaters in Illinois have come a long way.

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Unfortunately for movie fans in Rockford, the theaters are old and out of date. In that case, I would rather stay home to watch a flick. They remind me of the old dollar theaters where your feet stuck to the floor. If I want to see something on the big screen, I'll head up to Beloit or go into the suburbs.

Illinois' Largest Movie Theater

Modern Movie Theaters Offer Amazing Experience

If you haven't checked out a modern movie theater, I highly recommend it sometime soon. It's an amazing experience. First of all the picture and sound is incredible. The seats are heated recliners so they are super comfy. There's real food available not just candy. Some places even serve alcohol. It's definitely worth the price of admission.

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Grand Opening Of Illinois' Largest Movie Screen

At the beginning of the year, Emagine Entertainment announced the purchase of movie theaters in Batavia. The company has been working hard with the renovations of Emagine Randall 12 IMAX. The project included the construction of the largest movie screen in Illinois which will stand 94-foot by 53-foot.

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The grand opening event will be held on May 31st. It benefits the United Way of Batavia. The night will include the Red Carpet, party, ribbon cutting, Hors d'oeuvres, open bar, films galore, and unlimited concessions. The tickets are $65 per person. The suggested attire is cocktail or business casual. It sounds like it will be a fun evening.

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