Even though I believe handwriting is a lost art because most people are on their phones to communicate, there are times that you have to use actual pen and paper but when that happens do the residents of Illinois prefer using cursive or printing?

How Do You Write?

I recently got together with some of the friends I grew up with. We were joking because our whole group had the same horrible handwriting. When I do have to write, I always print because it's not as bad as my cursive. I can at least read it. Nowadays, they don't even teach cursive in Illinois schools anymore. When my daughter was in grade school, she actually asked the teacher to learn how to write that way.

How To Find Out What's More Popular In Illinois Cursive Or Printing?

Since most of my friends prefer printing, I was wondering if that's how it was for the whole state of Illinois. I figured the only way to find out was through a good old-fashioned social media survey. The results really surprised me. Take a look at how it turned out and let me know if you agree with it.

What's More Popular In Illinois Cursive Or Printing?

42% Both

  • The biggest percentage of Illinois residents claim to use both. I was really surprised because most people prefer one or the other but not both.

17% Combination

  • This might seem a little repetitive but it is actually different than saying both. In this style, the writers will blend them both together. Sometimes known as "printsive or cursint." This would be the toughest to master.

13% Cursive

  • In my opinion, this is another twist. Just because of my experiences, I expected more writers to prefer printing.

8% Printing

  • This was a big disappointment for me. I thought the percentage of people who print would be much higher. Especially, because it looks similar to text messages.

8% Print But Cursive Signature

  • I never even thought about this category until I did that survey and a few participants brought it up. It does make sense to me.

12% Other

  • Of course, you always have a few in the group that do their own thing. They mentioned things like texting, typing, and more.

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