The very first city in Illinois has announced that it has outlawed the sales of THC products at non-regulated stores.

Don't Freak Out Recreational Marijuana Is Still Legal In Illinois

Don't worry, legal weed is not going away in Illinois. The state makes way too much money off it. This attack on THC is focused on types like Delta-8. It's regulated much differently than the majority of cannabis products. To purchase most kinds of marijuana, you have to go to an official dispensary. You can buy Delta-8-style items like gummies and vapes at regular smoke shops.

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Problems With THC Products In Illinois

The THC products like Delta-8 have become a problem in our state because the rules aren't as strict. Some would even dare to say it's not regulated at all. Places like smoke shops are selling that merchandise. They're not doing a good job carding the customers so young kids are getting their hands on it. Some of those children experienced medical episodes because they aren't mature enough to use those types of products. Parents are very concerned.

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Illinois City Bans THC Product Sales

Illinois City Takes Stand Against Non-Regulated THC Products And Stores

The city of Elk Grove Village has heard and seen enough. They decided to stand up against the non-regulated smoke shops and THC products. They have banned the sales of Delta-8 and similar items at places like tobacco stores. Any violators will be fined and could lose their licenses.

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Saying it will have no bearing on the opening of the village's first recreational marijuana dispensary in May, Mayor Craig Johnson announced Tuesday that Elk Grove Village is banning the sale of products containing THC at tobacco and vape shops in the municipality.


Last May, residents started coming to our police department, talking about items they were finding with their children [including] gummy bears and delta-8 vape materials," Johnson said.

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