If you're looking for a good way to get arrested at an Illinois airport, I believe this incident with drugs is the perfect example.

Once Again Dumb Illinois Criminals Arrested For A Stupid Crime

It's a good thing that there isn't some sort of crime class for up-and-coming criminals in Illinois because they might start becoming successful in the world of breaking the law. I don't think we'll have to worry about that because the majority of the rule breakers didn't like school and it's the main reason they try to pull off these bad jobs. In those cases, they graduate straight to jail.

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Not Smart To Break The Law At An Illinois Airport

I'm sorry but one of the last places I would try to pull off any sort of funny business would be an airport in Illinois or anywhere in the United States. The places are crawling with police officers, security, and surveillance equipment. It's hard enough to break the law in a regular situation, let alone in a fortress-type place like an airline terminal.

Drug Bust At Illinois Airport
Drug Bust At Illinois Airport

Drug Bust At Illinois Airport

This drug bust happened at Midway Airport in Chicago. The pair of suspects are from Michigan. They were traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and the Windy City. The duo would fly out to L.A. with suitcases full of cash. Then on the way back to Illinois, the money was replaced with the Fentanyl. Honestly, I'm surprised the luggage wasn't overweight.

According to patch.com, 

On this particular trip, they were met at Midway Airport by a welcoming committee made up of DEA agents and local police. During a search of their belongings, the authorities discover 44 pounds of fentanyl divided up between two suitcases. Where they're going, they won't have to worry about their luggage anymore. They've got a free one-way ticket to jail coming their way.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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