Top 6 Grocery Stores In Rockford Illinois
Top 6 Grocery Stores In Rockford Illinois

Just because there aren't a lot of different grocery store companies in the Rockford area, doesn't mean the residents don't have their favorite when it comes to shopping.

Does Everyone In The Rockford Area Have Their Favorite Grocery Store?

I believe the answer is yes. They might not admit it but of course they do. It might just be a regular stop out of convenience. The prices will definitely have an effect on which grocery store shoppers will visit. Another factor is the products they offer. If what you're looking for is never on the shelves, you're most likely going to skip that place.

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Going to the grocery store is one of my chores for each week. I really don't mind it. Especially, because most of the time I'll cook the meals in our home. That gives me total control of the menu. I usually switch it up from week to week depending on what I need. I really wanted to find out where other people in Rockford go to shop so I recently conducted a survey on social media to find out the most popular places.

Shopping cart with foods at the grocery store
Top 6 Grocery Stores In Rockford Illinois

The Top Six Grocery Stores In The Rockford Area

#6 Pinnon's

  • A surprising entry on the list but I don't really consider it a grocery store but they've got great products so I'm good with it.

#5 Gray's Foods

  • What a great small local grocery store. When I used to live in that neighborhood, I would go there all the time.

#4 Aldi

  • When you're looking for value, then this is your place.

#3 Schnucks

  • They have a history in the Rockford community with their ties to Hilander and Logli.

#2 Meijer

  • These grocery stores are the newest to the area but they have definitely made an impact in their short time here.

#1 Woodman's

    • By far, the most popular grocery store in the Rockford area. That place is always busy.

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