I always look forward to summer in Illinois because I expect the weather to be in the 80s all the time.  That's not always the case, though.

When we were kids, remember when we'd all be soooo excited for summer break?  I feel like the weather was always incredible; warm, sunny, and never rainy.  I was out until the street lights came on with all the neighbor kids!

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I swear, every summer since I've been out of school hasn't felt the same.

Obviously, we don't get summer breaks as adults (unless you're a teacher), but the weather just doesn't hit the way it used to.  You know what I mean?

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One Of The Worst Things Illinois Summers Have To Offer

Rainy days.  Let me say that again: RAINY DAYS.

In Illinois, we get roughly three months of summer weather... if we're lucky.  This year, it has been so rainy that we've gotten majority of our summer stripped away from us.


Mother Nature is going to do her thing, but c'mon!  We live in the Midwest.. as least give us a break before we have to endure the next few months of cold.

I'm all about a good downpour, but if it's going to be half our summer I'm not into it.

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It's funny, Mother Nature has no problem giving us snowstorms, but when she hears summer is coming around then sunny days become a problem.

Hmmm... coincidence?  I THINK NOT!

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