If you've ever wondered what happens if you walk out on your tab at a bar, this Illinois bartender will make sure you find out.  She is not playin' around.

I was on Facebook the other day and saw one of my Facebook friends posted about someone who walked out on their $63.50 tab, purposely, according to the post on social media.

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Here's what the post said on Facebook:


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As you can see in her message, the the bartender covered the cost of the entire tab because "she wanted to and that's just the kind of person she is."

After going through all the comments, tons of people were saying this isn't the first time the woman has walked out on a tab.  There were endless photos of her blasted all over Facebook and it even made it on Rockford Scanner.

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Pretty much every establishment has security cameras these days and you're bound to get caught in the act.  I mean, it's not my vibe, but a bold move to whoever does this and has no remorse.  That's a different type of breed, period!

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It's really not that hard to be a good person.  Just avoid walking out on your tab or you'll probably be put on blast online.  Word spreads fast nowadays...

So, if you're thinking about walking out of a bar without paying your tab.. I suggest you don't do that.  One, it's not worth it.  Two, don't be that person.  Three, why?!

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