When you thought haunted houses were scary enough, wait until you see what I found in Rockford that'll make you rethink what "scary" really is.

Forget haunted houses, Rockford has it's own roster of frights that'll keep you on your toes every time you step outside.

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From gas prices, to gigantic craters we call "potholes", to the wreck-it-roundabout on Auburn Street, to one-way streets nobody understands how to drive on, we're living in our own Halloween town and didn't even know it!

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There is one thing that roams freely around Rockford terrorizing residents that's way more terrifying than haunted houses.

Can you take a WILD guess as to what it is?


Yes, This Is Much Scarier Than A Haunted House In Illinois

Encountering wild freakin' turkeys.  Tell me I'm wrong?!

Every day when I leave work, wild turkeys are lined up on the fence posts on each side of the street.  More and more gather to watch me exit the parking lot every day.

They're giant.  They're intimidating.  They're terrifying up close.


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If you've never been near a wild turkey before, be glad.  It's actually scary to see six or seven of them posted up on the fence posts because they're massive wild animals.

Their sinister stares and unnerving gobbling make it all ten times worse, too.  Don't even get me started about when they start running full force at you.  Seriously, it's so horrifying.

Way scarier than a haunted house, no doubt.

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