In a country where tipping is expected nowadays, Illinois residents have encountered requests for gratuities in some truly absurd places.

A former friend of mine owned a business where people were able to shop on their own and ask for assistance if they needed it.  All he, and his employees, had to do was sit at the register and wait to ring people up.  A the end of every transaction, they would flip the iPad around for customers to sign and select a gratuity amount if they wanted to and I never understood the point?!

If you're not serving, waiting on people, or working a job that is tipped-based, why are we receiving tips?  It's a kind gesture, don't get me wrong, but now we kind of have to pick and choose where we're wanting to give a little extra every time we go out.

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I talked about this briefly in another piece I wrote about - I worked at Coldstone Creamery for two years and we sang, tossed ice cream, and performed for tips.  It gave the customer more of an "experience" rather than just a quick service.  That's when I felt totally fine accepting tips haha.

You can't go anywhere anymore without the register asking how much you want to leave for gratuity.  So, these are just a handful of places Illinois residents have found themselves questioning whether a tip is deserved.

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Most Ridiculous Places Illinois Residents Have Been Asked To Tip

  • The gas station
  • A Bridal shop
  • self-service kiosks
  • Pet stores
  • Online checkout
  • Bathrooms with attendants
  • Takeout
  • Drive-thrus
  • After an ultrasound
  • Tanning salons
  • Garbage trucks

Others went on to talk about how people don't tip properly or don't tip at all.  That seems to be an entirely different subject matter and I don't have enough time in my day to take a deep dive into that!  As a former DoorDash delivery driver in Illinois, I totally agree.

Where are the most bizarre places you've been asked to tip?

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