I can only imagine how people feel when they have the most common name in Illinois.

My name is Emily.  It was the most popular name in the country for like... 12 years.  In grade school, I remember there would be three or four of us named Emily in my class.

What I envied about the other girls named Emily?  They always had cute nicknames everyone called them, but I was just "Emily."  So I always knew when the teacher was calling on me in class discussions haha.

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But, I always wondered what the popular boy name was back then. Interestingly enough, it was Jacob!  I know a handful of them, but not as many as I used to as a kid.

I bet we all know someone named Noah, though.  That's such a universal name!

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We All Know Someone With Most Common Name In Illinois

Noah is the most common name in Illinois Obviously, it used to be a heavily male-dominated name, but I know plenty of girls with that name.

Tons of celebrities are named Noah; Noah Centeno, Noah Cyrus, Noah Schnapp, etc...

I wouldn't mind having that name.  It's simple, easy and easy to pronounce.


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I dated someone with this name and everyone would reference Noah's Ark every time I'd introduce him to people.  It was kinda funny, but annoying lol.

How popular is the name Noah?

I read that from 2013 to 2015, the name "Noah" was the most popular name in the United States, not just Illinois!

Jeez, must've been a rough few years for anyone named Noah going to school.  Probably so many of them in every class!!!

How many people do you personally know named Noah?  I bet at least one!

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