With the unpredictable weather we have in Illinois, you should always keep this overlooked essential item in your glove box at all times.

Ever since I've had my car, I started keeping a stockpile of blankets, chargers, water, and snacks in my backseat.  It might seem crazy and cluttered, but you never know when you'll get stranded, stuck in a bad storm, or... just have the munchies.

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I can guarantee I am not the only one in the world who eats while they drive, no matter how big the meal is.  In no way am I encouraging this "multitasking", but when you get hungry there is only a short window of time before you get "hangry".  So having a snack in the car, technically, isn't always a bad idea!

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Nobody wants their steering wheel to be greasy, right?  RIGHT!  That's why having this essential item in your car at all times is an absolute MUST in my book.

#1 Lifesaving Item Every Illinois Driver Needs In Their Vehicle

Yeah, this is solely me basing it off of how messy I am when I eat and drive.  Thank me later when you're downing a messy cheeseburger in your car.

Imagine: You're minding your business, driving down East State Street, enjoying the coke you just got from McDonald's.  All of a sudden you hit a giant pothole.  BOOM! Your coke goes everywhere.  What do you  think to reach for first? NAPKINS!  If you don't have any you just sit there in embarrassment and a puddle of coke.

If you don't have napkins in your glove box right now you're insane.  The amount of times I've spilled a drink or dropped sauce on my pants and didn't have napkins makes me so furious.  I don't think I will ever go a day without napkins in my car... ever again.

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Next time you're at a fast food joint, grab a bunch of extra napkins to keep in your car.  If you're clumsy and have bad luck like me, this is a lifesaving item to have.  Period.

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