Looking for some new, spontaneous ink before the end of the year?  One local tattoo artist has the perfect opportunity this Sunday, October 30th!

Man, scrolling through Facebook sometimes has its perks.  I don't get persuaded easily, but after I saw a Rockford tattoo artist, Alyssa Reyes, announcing her $31 Flash Tattoos... I had to write about it.

A lot of people say tattoos are ridiculous, especially if it's a random one with "nO mEAniNg bEhiND iT."  For me, I don't care what anybody has to say about my ink.

I have 3 portraits of myself on my forearm that depicts my road to happiness (shoutout to Jennie from Delicious Ink!), but many think it's something I'll regret in the future.

Guess what?  I am here for a good time, baby - I will do what makes me happy!  That includes making impromptu tattoo shop visits, of course.

Via Emily
Via Emily

I already have my appointment made with Alyssa, local tattoo artist at Tall Tattoo Studio in Rockford.  Spots are filling up fast, so if you're thinking about it message Alyssa asap!

From 12-8pm on Sunday, October 30th, Alyssa is accepting appointments for $31 spooky flash tattoos.  You can choose from her Flash Sheet she posted online - this is a cash only event and you can only get the flash tattoos on your arms and legs.

Tall Tattoo Studio also announced they are also having their 3rd Annual Halloween Costume Party on the same day from 12-midnight.

There will be raffles, gift baskets to win, dance contests, and merch giveaways!  As a bonus, you could win a FREE FULL DAY SESSION if you win the costume contest.

If you're just interested in booking with Alyssa for a future date, you can do that too! Find her on Instagram to brainstorm your next ink session.

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