One farm in Illinois has given residents more than just a landscape to look at, they've created a garden masterpiece right on their property!

Illinoisans are getting more creative every single day.  We might have endless lands of cornfields to look at in this state, but Clearview Farm brought art to life in just under five hours.

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Located in Champaign, Illinois, you'll soon be able to visit this unique, community-built pollinator garden and learn all about native plants and pollinators.  That'd be a fun field trip to go on!

"Clearview Farm is home to a unique, Illinois-shaped pollinator garden. The garden features almost 1,000 pollinator plants that are native to Illinois throughout its 5,500 square feet of garden space." [CF]


Clearview Farms - FB

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Last month, over 40 volunteers gathered to plan and install the rocks in the garden.  This took a lot of brain-power and mulching!

Kinda cool to see it from ground level and not an aerial view.

Clearview Farms - FB
Clearview Farms - FB

Fun fact: It features rock river channels that mirror Illinois' river routes that carry water throughout the garden’s regions.

Also, I found a photo during construction that made my jaw drop.  Look at the size of the trucks compared to the actual garden.

H O L Y C O W (no farm-related pun intended lol).

Clearview Farms - FB
Clearview Farms - FB

I didn't know what a pollinator garden was, did you?  Of course, I looked it up so I knew what I was looking at in the photo haha.

What is a Pollinator Garden?

"A pollinator garden is a garden that is planted predominately with flowers that provide nectar or pollen for a wide range of pollinating insects." [foxleas]

Farmers have the most patience, I swear.

Clearview Farms said plants will continue to grow throughout this fall and next year they'll start seeing plants change in size.  The garden is projected to be filled, almost completely, within five years.

This is just one of the beautiful flowers that has already bloomed in the garden - a New England Aster!  It's a favorite for bees, love that!

Clearview Farms - FB
Clearview Farms - FB

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They have a blog you can follow for the pollinator garden progress, plus see the schedule of all the construction!

If you're interested in seeing the pollinator garden when it's open to the public for viewing, they're located at 3605 N Mattis Ave in Champaign!

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