Guess what you get when you take the 2 best fall snacks in Illinois and put them together? The BEST FALL EVER. Where to get apple cider donut ice cream sundaes.

Enjoy Illinois in the Fall


We're big autumn lovers at 97ZOK and living in the Midwest comes with the added joy of the most colorful show outside from October until the snow falls.

Around Illinois, it's all about apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. Getting out and doing something fun for everyone may be why we tell people you'll find us at one of these places, but honestly, it's about the food you'll find that just tastes better in the fall.

Anderson Japanese Gardens Facebook,, Canva
Anderson Japanese Gardens Facebook,, Canva

Apple Cider Donut Ice Cream Sundae

I had my very first cider donut sundae in the fall of 2020. It was a year I (we) ate quite a few things I hadn't before. Whenever I had a chance to get out and eat away from home, I took advantage of it.

We all owe a lot of gratitude to the people who own the businesses that feed us.

One Cherry Valley, Illinois business shared on Facebook that they were going to be smoking ribs and grilling pork chop sandwiches in their parking lot, and inside they were serving cider donut sundaes.

A warm apple cider donut, any flavor ice cream you'd like, and your two favorite toppings. Then it must be topped with whipped cream

I have nothing else to tell you but,

Cattle & Cream Market Facebook
Cattle & Cream Market Facebook
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You need a cider donut sundae in your life!

Here's the best part. Two area businesses that feed us are serving cider donut sundaes but only for a short time.

Cattle & Cream in Cherry Valley

As a dear friend of mine used to say,

It'll change your life.

That's how I feel about that very first cider donut sundae from Cattle & Cream. You can try it at the Cherry Valley Fall Fest on Saturday, October 7th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Your other option for a cider donut sundae is THIS WEEKEND.

Dairyhaus Ice Cream at Edward Apple Orchard West in Winnebago

This collaboration is THIS SATURDAY, September, 30th. Rockton's Dairyhaus is bringing several flavors of their homemade ice cream to Edwards West to build your cider donut sundae with Edward's award-winning donuts.

Edwards Apple Orchard West is located at 8218 Cemetery Road in Winnebago and Dauryhaus will start serving sundaes at 10:00 a.m. until they run out.

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