It's good work if you can get it but my goodness are the Bulls doing something wrong here?

I'm a fan of the NBA and have been watching the Chicago Bulls since Michael Jordan exploded onto the scene in the mid-80s.

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I've seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and whatever the last five years or so of Bulls basketball would be considered.

They're not bad, and the Bulls certainly aren't good. This version of the Chicago Bulls is just kind of, meh.

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While waiting for them to figure it out, I saw this come down and was stunned they haven't been able to win consistently.

Maybe it's because they are missing their star player Zach Lavine. He's been hobbled by injuries this year, and truthfully, he's not been very good when he's been on the court.

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Did you know the massive contract Lavine signed to stay in Chicago not long ago and his lack of appearances throughout this season have officially made him one of the highest-paid players per game?

The face of the Chicago Bulls right now, Lavine has earned a massive $2.46 million in each of the 25 NBA games he's played this year.

He is still in the early stages of a five-year, $330 million contract in Chi-Town.

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Altogether, Lavine has made a staggering $61.5M this season which should stand for something more than the Chicago Bulls just being "meh" in 2023-24.

I believe they tried to trade Lavine this year too, but alas no takers. It might have something to do with the injury but it could also be Lavine's albatross of a contract.

Either way, Lavine needs to get healthy, better, or both before the Bulls can change things around.

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