When I hear things like "underrated" it makes me wonder if it's rated too low or not enough.

I mean, to underrate something means there are reviews and opinions on the subject but not enough love to make it a favorite.

So when it's underrated that means public opinion is wrong, right?

For example, Cheapism put together a list of The Most Underrated Towns in America, and Wisconsin's choice, I believe, is appropriately rated.

Welcome to Wisconsin sign in Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Is it among the standout cities and towns to visit when coming to Wisconsin? No.

It's not Milwaukee, Madison, or even Green Bay. It's not Door County or any of the towns or cities nearby.

However, it is a town that has been recently named "one of America's best small cities" and "the place to go for a swim in Wisconsin."

River View in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Getty Images/iStockphoto

So is it appropriately rated? Possibly. I'm talking about Eau Claire.

Cheapism via MSN:

Eau Claire offers boundless natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor adventure, but that could be said for much of Wisconsin.

Eau Claire has earned impressive rankings and awards in categories such as work-life balance, best places to retire, best places for business and careers, job growth, and best places for students.

Eau Claire is roughly three and a half hours from Rockford, so it's perfect for a weekend visit.

Two Byron Guys Hope To Bring First Microbrewery To Ogle County
Darren Hauck, Getty Images

Whether it's a tasting at a brewery, it is the home of Leinenkugel's after all, or one of the umpteen million festivals they have scheduled there is always something going on in Eau Claire.

Have you been to Eau Claire? Is it underrated, overrated, or appropriately rated?

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