We've seen the most disturbing things inside Illinois dressing rooms.  From rubbers, to diapers, to smeared boogers on the wall, nothing can prepare you for this.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and my friend posted a photo of something pretty gross he found when he was at a thrift store.

We all know thrift stores have a lot of character and unique finds, but it's a little different when you're trying on clothes in the fitting room and see something really icky that came off someone's body.


Top 3 Grossest Things To Find In An Illinois Dressing Room

Let's start with the top 2 things you never want to walk in on.

#1: Vomit

You're telling me that you just naturally threw up and left it for someone else to find?  Absolutely not.  If I ever walk in on vomit... I'm losing my sh*t.


#2: Bodily fluids/Fecal matter

Okay, GOOOOODBYE.  I've actually heard of this way too often.  I get it, sometimes you just can't make it to the bathroom.  I've had a little boy pee in front of me at work and his mom grabbed him and ran out the door without cleaning it.  Ew, ew, ew.

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and the #3 grossest thing to find in a dressing room....


I have a ton of questions.

First off, does the person know it fell off?  It's a pretty big Band-Aid that probably covered a decently sized cut.

Second, imagine trying on clothes and making an effort NOT to accidentally touch it.


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To whoever left their Band-Aid in this dressing room, please come get it.  I'M BEGGING.

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